Save time and
gain more insights when
testing your LoRaWAN™

Simple, time-saving testing

  • Fast test setup (through integration of different LNS like TTN, SmartMakers, Loriot)
  • Easy integration of different gateways and sensors
  • Tests can be created with any sensor
  • Structuring of data directly during the test
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • Analysis support
  • Use of existing TTN account, no new setup of existing infrastructure necessary

Testing the range and coverage of LoRaWAN™ with existing equipment and infrastructure. Support by simple test configuration and automatic structuring of the process and data. All data is collected at a single location. This speeds up the evaluation.

Image of abstract test data being sorted
Visual showing blocks of data being analysed

Understanding results better

  • Simple tagging of the records
  • All data in one place, not distributed over umpteen log files
  • RSSI, distances to the gateways and other metadata
  • Easy visualization of these data for better understanding
Data records can be tagged with meaningful tags already during the field test. This simplifies the following analysis of the created data sets.

Sharing and learning

  • Only those who have the basic data at their disposal can draw the right conclusions and delve deeper into the matter of the radio network.
  • The created coverage map provides a good basis for fruitful discussions.

The LoRaWAN Field Tester supports a structured and methodical approach to the analysis of radio networks. This makes it easier to create reproducible test series and compare results with each other. This is the only way to introduce targeted measures to continuously optimize a network.

Timeline with test data

Unravel the mysteries of your LoRaWAN's radio signals

Where should I place my gateways?

Gateway Location

If you have several choices, it is always a challenge to pick the best option. Especially when you don't have any tools for measurement. This is, where the LFT will support your work.

Find the best spot for your gateway!

How good is the coverage of my LoRaWAN?

Coverage Map

There are a few tools to create maps that help you to analyse your coverage. Non of them was sufficient. That is why we created the LFT.

Create beautiful coverage maps!

Is the sensor in the basement still working?

Testing Sensor Connectivity

Before the release of the LFT, testing sensor connectivity at various locations was a time consuming task.

Safe time and improve your results with our LFT!

Test. Analyse. Learn. Improve.

The LFT is a tool for LoRaWAN experts. Run tests to gain insights about your network. Analyse results, generate great reports and share your knowledge. This will lead to great learnings and help you fully leverage the potential of the LoRaWAN technology.

  • LoRaWAN™ range tests
  • Validate sensor connectivity
  • Visualize your network coverage
  • Generate beautiful reports
  • Share your results
  • Use any sensor to create a map
  • Easy to setup, easy to use
  • It’s free – 100%

About this project

This project was born in 2017, when a team of LoRaWAN specialists got tired of the perpetual tasks of running test to analyse the range and the coverage of a new LoRaWAN installation.

Having installed LoRaWANs in several locations they had generated and analysed quite a few data points in redicoulusly huge logfiles and have created coverage maps with several tools. 

However, being IT specialists, they knew there is a more efficient way to get this tasks done.

And voilá, the LoRaWAN Field Tester (LFT) was born. This project started as a cooperation between several LoRaWAN specialists. 

The goal was – and still is – to create a great free testing environment for LoRaWAN experts around the world.

Last but not least: It is still in beta. Until now, only the core functionality has been implemented.

Sign up, join the ride and give us feedback what you need.
This is meant to grow according to your requirements.

How to contribute

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